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Financial model of a complex for growing oyster mushrooms

Financial model of a complex for growing oyster mushrooms

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DATE OF THE REPORT: 03/18/2019

METHOD OF PROVIDING: in electronic form

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  • Total area of the complex: 622 sq.m.

    Number and area of mushroom chambers: 6 by 36 sq.m.

    Production capacity: 84 tons per year

    Substrate loading: 143 kg per 1 sq.m. cameras

    Product yield: 32 kg of mushrooms per 1 sq.m. cultivation

    Products sold: fresh and dried oyster mushrooms

    Pricing policy: 1 kg of fresh mushrooms - 164 rubles, 1 kg of dry mushrooms - 695 rubles.

    Ownership: ownership of the land, construction of a modular production building, climate modulator

    Concept   the mushroom farm presented in this project is basic. If necessary, it can be easily adjusted, while all financial indicators of the project can be automatically recalculated using the attached model (see below "Features").

    The implementation of the project is possible in any region of the Russian Federation, in this investment project the option of opening a farm in the Moscow region, 70 km from the key sales market - Moscow, is considered.

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