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Bakery - confectionery business plan (with financial model)

Bakery - confectionery business plan (with financial model)

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DATE OF THE REPORT: 04/15/2013

SCOPE OF THE REPORT: 259 pages + 41 pages of Appendices, contains 83 tables, 27 diagrams, 20 graphs and 7 fig.

Method of submission: in electronic form

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  • This document is an economic justification for the feasibility of opening a bakery - confectionery in Moscow.

    The main source of data for financial calculations were the results of a marketing study, assessments of industry experts, a comprehensive analysis of the experience of successful establishments, the regulatory framework and other primary and secondary information.

    Financial reports are generated on the basis of a model developed by Inventica.

    The concept of the project presented in this business plan is a reflection of the most promising, from our point of view, market entry strategy for a new enterprise.

    The concept can be easily changed, while all financial indicators of the project can be automatically recalculated using the attached model (see below "Features").

    The business plan was drawn up taking into account the requirements of UNIDO, has repeatedly passed the approval procedure in credit institutions of Russia.

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