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Warehouse business plan (with financial model)

Warehouse business plan (with financial model)

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RELEASE DATE: 03/17/2020

VOLUME: 160 pages, 83 tables, 17 diagrams, 33 graphs and 2 figs.

METHOD OF PROVIDING: in electronic form

In the shortest possible time, a ready-made warehouse business plan can be adapted to your unique project.

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  • The document is an economic justification for the feasibility of investing in the construction of a warehouse complex / class A warehouse.

    For all key issues, the business plan is standard - its implementation is possible in any constituent entity of the Russian Federation. When drawing up the financial plan, the values of the parameters that determine the regional specifics (rental rates, cost of services, salaries, etc.) were taken in relation to the Moscow region.


    The project provides for the construction of a Class A warehouse complex with an area of about 10 thousand square meters. m. in the Moscow region, which will provide services for responsible storage and maintenance of goods, as well as the lease of office space.

    Type: warehouse complex / class A warehouse
    Location of the project: Moscow region
    Implementation period of the investment stage of the project: January 2020 - ...
    Start of operation of the warehouse complex: ...
    Land area: ... ha
    Warehouse complex base area: 9 440 sq.m.
    Cargo storage area: ... sq.m
    Warehouse office space: ... sq.m
    Warehouse office space: 544 sq.m.
    Number of storage tiers: 6
    Number of pallet places: ...
    Column pitch: 12 x 24 m
    Permissible floor load: not less than 5 t / sq.m
    Net ceiling height: 12-14m
    Number of loading and unloading docks: ...
    Warehouse infrastructure: railway ramp, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, security and fire alarms, video surveillance system
    Auxiliary warehouse premises: dining room, changing rooms, showers, toilets
    The main customer groups of the warehouse complex: distribution companies, retail chains, manufacturing companies
    The main scenarios for the development of the situation: in the business plan, 3 options for the development of the situation are considered - pessimistic, expected and optimistic
    Calculation of the revenue side of the project: the financial model provides three methods for forecasting the revenue side of the project: a) through the assessment of the volume of services, b) through the profitability from 1 sq. m of storage space, 3) through the yield from 1 pallet space by customer category.
    Warehouse pricing policy: when using the first income forecasting methodology, the pricing policy is determined (separately by type of service, indicating the planned distribution of demand for these services). In the financial model, you can set prices for 20 basic warehouse services, in addition, you can set up up to 10 additional services yourself.
    Investment in the construction of the warehouse: ... mln rubles.
    Sources of financing: own funds - 30%, credit - 70%
    Staff: the maximum number of staff is ... people.
    Working hours of the warehouse: around the clock, in 4-shift mode, 12 hours every other day

    The concept of the project is basic. If necessary, it can be easily adjusted for the specifics of your business, while all financial indicators of the project can be automatically recalculated using the attached model (see below "Key features").

    The business plan was drawn up taking into account the requirements of UNIDO, has repeatedly passed the approval procedure in credit institutions in Russia.

  • The warehouse business plan is developed in close collaboration with current managers and industry experts.

    Financial calculations were carried out using an Excel-model, which is a proprietary development of Inventica.

    The financial model provides for three methods of forecasting the revenue side of the project: a) through the assessment of the volume of services, b) through the profitability from 1 sq. m of storage space, 3) through the yield from 1 pallet space by customer category. You can set up a pricing policy - 20 basic and 10 additional warehouse services.

    There is a possibility of renting out part of the space using the remaining for the provision of services for safe storage and handling of goods.

    The financial model is 100% automated:
    • Values of project parameters can be changed.
    • The total number of parameters entered into the financial model is more than 500 (month and year of the start of the project, project schedule indicating the duration of individual stages, the cost of construction and installation works, the list and cost of infrastructure facilities, the total area of the warehouse and its distribution by type of premises, specification of equipment and its cost, staffing, pricing policy, structure of demand by type of service, scenarios for the development of the situation, conditions of leasing and crediting, etc.).
    • Changing any of the project parameters leads to automatic recalculation of the model.
    • The ability to quickly recalculate allows you to independently calculate various strategies and scenarios for the development of your business, even if you do not know the basics of financial modeling and investment management.

    Thus, you get a universal decision-making tool, with the help of which you can correct the concept of the project, choosing the optimal values of the parameters of your future business.

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