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Hostel business plan (with financial model)

Hostel business plan (with financial model)

RUB 25,000.00Price


DATE OF THE REPORT: 01/09/2020

SCOPE OF THE REPORT: 183 pages, 70 tables, 9 graphs, 8 diagrams, 5 figures

Method of submission: in electronic form

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  • This business plan is a business case for the feasibility of opening a hostel in Moscow.

    Project start : March 2020

    Total area of premises: 217 sq. m., including a lobby group of premises with a hall - 20 sq. m, kitchen - 15 sq. m, bathrooms - 30 sq. m, rooms of the room stock - 131.5 sq. , co-working area - 10 sq.m

    Number of accommodations: 44


    • one double room,
    • two 4-bed rooms,
    • three 6-bed rooms,
    • two 8-bed numbers

    Additional income of the hostel:

    • organization of breakfasts;
    • safe deposit box rental

    Cost: 850 RUR (for 6 persons), 750 RUR (for 8 persons), ... RUR (for 4 persons), ... RU (for 2 persons)

    The model has functionality that allows you to calculate the option of opening a hostel by franchise. Three schemes are considered as priority schemes for a franchise agreement: fixed royalty, royalty per bed and% of income

    It is possible to create a hostel with borrowed funds of an investor / bank

    The report includes:

    • analysis of the Moscow hostel market;
    • hostel capacity analysis;
    • analysis of the room stock (room category);
    • analysis of the assortment and pricing policy (the cost of booking different types of rooms);
    • analysis of profitability indicators (revenue and utilization);
    • regulatory requirements for hostels;
    • description of the project concept;
    • a description of the marketing strategy;
    • calculation of financial indicators;
    • analysis of investment and financial indicators of the project;
    • project evaluation and risk analysis.

    The business plan was drawn up taking into account the requirements of UNIDO, has repeatedly passed the approval procedure in credit institutions of Russia.

    All analytical, marketing and legal information has been updated as of December 2019.

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