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Business plan for opening a cafe-restaurant, with a financial model

Business plan for opening a cafe-restaurant, with a financial model

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DATE OF THE REPORT: 01.03.2019

SCOPE OF THE REPORT: 246 pages, 113 tables, 27 graphs and 11 diagrams, 11 fig.

METHOD OF PROVIDING: in electronic form

In the shortest possible time, a ready-made business plan can be adapted to your unique project.

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  • The document is an economic justification for the feasibility of opening a cafe-restaurant in the Casual Dining segment (democratic segment) and describes all the stages of creating a new business.

    The business plan is the result of going through the restaurant opening procedure many times with our clients. The document is a detailed description of the step-by-step process of opening a restaurant, supplemented by an automated tool for calculating the economic efficiency of the project (financial model). The document is updated on an annual basis, which makes it possible to timely correct the blocks related to obtaining permits, tax payments, as well as the conceptual component of the project.

    With the help of a business plan and accompanying financial model, potential investors will be able to:
    - familiarize yourself with the main market trends and choose a suitable niche;
    - understand the sequence of tasks for opening a restaurant;
    - to understand the specifics of the business (the structure of costs and revenues, cost items of the investment stage, efficiency);
    - compare different options for the concept of the project and choose the most successful;
    - choose the optimal premises in terms of investment costs (area, condition of sewage systems, ventilation, heating, etc., the need for major repairs);
    - determine the optimal pricing policy;
    - choose the most effective project financing scheme;
    - to determine the optimal ratio of own and borrowed funds;
    - assess the risks of project implementation.

    The business plan was drawn up taking into account the requirements of UNIDO, has repeatedly passed the approval procedure in credit institutions of Russia.

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