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Financial model of opening a cafe-restaurant

Financial model of opening a cafe-restaurant

RUB 35,000.00Price


DATE OF THE REPORT: 02/25/2019

METHOD OF PROVIDING: in electronic form

In the shortest possible time, the financial model can be adapted to your unique project.

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  • Format: a cozy city cafe based on quality cuisine

    Segment: democratic, Casual Dining, average bill 1200-1300 RUR

    Location: the area between the Third Transport and the Garden Ring, on busy streets, as part of an art and business cluster, or near the creative spaces of the city (rental rate - ... thousand rubles with VAT per year per sq.m.)

    Total area: 319 sq. m

    Number of seats: 60 (+10 in the children's room)

    Customer service schedule: 10 am to midnight on weekdays, 10 am to 1 am on weekends

    Raw materials base: raw materials and semi-finished products of medium readiness

    Composition of production facilities: hot shop, cold shop, vegetable shop, meat and fish shop, washing rooms

    Special offers: business lunch (weekdays, from 12:00 to 16:00), brunch (weekends, from 12:00 to 16:00), hookah service

    Conceptual feature of the project:
    • a separate hall of the restaurant is reserved for private events, namely: master classes, vernissages, presentations, film screenings;

    • the model provides a children's room with a playroom, where children's parties and master classes can be held;

    • on weekends, DJ concerts and performances will be held in the institution, mainly on a free basis, thus, on weekends in the evening, the restaurant will be transformed into a club-bar, where current fashionable music sounds, forming a stable center of attraction for the target audience of the institution;
    • installation of a summer veranda in the summer

    Concept   the project of opening a cafe - restaurant presented in this project is the basic one. If necessary, it can be easily adjusted, while all financial indicators of the project can be automatically recalculated using the attached model (see below "Features").

    The implementation of the project is possible in any region of the Russian Federation, in this investment project the option of opening a catering establishment in Moscow is considered.

  • 1) The financial model has been developed in close collaboration with existing owners, managers and industry experts of the restaurant business and therefore will be extremely useful for entrepreneurs who are planning to open a restaurant or cafe.

    2) Financial calculations were carried out using Excel-model, which is a proprietary development of Inventica.

    3) The financial model is 100% automated:

    • Values of project parameters can be changed.
    • The total number of parameters - more than 2000 (month of the start of the project, list and cost of obtaining permits, area of premises, specification of equipment and its cost, staffing, number of clients, average bill, franchise conditions, lending parameters, etc.).
    • Changing any of the project parameters leads to automatic recalculation of the model.
    • The ability to quickly recalculate allows you to independently calculate various strategies and scenarios for the development of your business, even if you do not know the basics of financial modeling and investment management.

    Thus, you get a universal decision-making tool, with the help of which you can correct the concept of the project, choosing the optimal values of the parameters of your future establishment.

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